Why Team Building In The Workplace Matters

Article   •   January 18, 2018

Why Team Building In The Workplace Matters

Let’s face it; the mere mention of “team building” in the workplace conjures up mixed reactions.  Most of those with negative reactions to team building exercises run the gambit of thinking they are lame or silly to employees questioning why they need to participate in the activities and preferring to stay at their desks doing work.  Despite the negative reactions, if done properly, team building can foster better communication, enhance collaboration in the workplace, motivate and create team spirit, and boost performance.

If companies embrace, engage and commit to team building exercises that their employees enjoy, the events can directly lead to a better workplace environment and one that is more productive. The keys to effective team building are the ones that involve getting staff outside of the workplace in order to create unique experiences and memories, which in turn lead to overall team bonding in a non-forced way.  Morale boosters lead to happier employees, a stronger workplace community, and increased employee investment and commitment in the company.

One example of this would be to have your company attend a concert or sporting event with a BBQ/Cocktail party prior to the show.  While this type of activity may not have any direct correlation to the work a company does or leadership building, it does create an engaging and memorable activity that can impact the staff by bringing them closer together.

As it turns out, happiness and productivity in the workplace are aligned.  A study from the University of Warwick in the U.K. found happy employees are 12 percent more productive.  Therefore, if a company can create unique and memorable experiences, the team bonding events themselves can generate a happier work environment; one that is more collaborative and effective.

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